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I keep things simple… so you can be successful!

As a Professional Organiser I help you work smarter not harder. I specialise in helping self-employed and small business owners be more personally effective and their businesses more productive.

I guarantee to save you time and money by…

  • Action-planning to tackle key goals and objectives
  • Organising your schedule and workload so you achieve successful results
  • Creating a simple, do-able marketing strategy that works
  • Coaching in time and task-management skills to use your energy better
  • Re-organising your workspace so you can find stuff – fast!
  • Setting up web-based productivity tools to automate routine jobs
  • Out-sourcing time-consuming administrative and specialist tasks to reliable professionals
  • Training you 1-to-1 or via Skype to build your confidence and sharpen your skills
  • Developing you and your team to work better – together

The really good news

…is that you don’t have to engage me as a member of staff.  I work virtually from my own fully equipped on-line office in the hills of mid-Wales and connect with you via Skype, email, phone or web conferencing. With your permission I can work with you on your computer via remote login software such as TeamViewer or LogMein.

Get in touch

Call me for an informal chat on 01938 820899 or get in touch via the Contact form.